About Us


Established in 2012 with the dream of becoming one of the best food exporters of fresh fruits, vegetables & spices we started by exporting our products in the Gulf countries. Pacing the business we have now become one of the very few exporters who can maintain the standards & fulfill the requirements to export in Europe.

For providing fresher quality, easier & quicker access we have our offices in Dubai & Europe as well. We work to ensure quality of what we export in the best possible turnaround time as we believe that "the quicker we serve, the better we serve".

Before the product reaches your home it goes through our quality checks. We know the depth of what is being served to you, from what goes into the soil to grow the produce to the fine packaging while delivering it to you, we scrutinize everything so that it reaches you in a consumable condition.

We work each day to provide fresh, healthy, tasty fruits, vegetables & spices to make greater strides in fulfilling our aim & dream.

Why Choose Us

Quick delivery

We deliver all our products within specified period of order placement. We shorten the delivery time for you to enjoy fresher, healthier & tastier products.

Competitive Prices

We provide the best competitive prices in the market. Having the best resources at best prices & quality, we can offer products at a price suiting the budget.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that no loopholes are left by us. Our packaging ensures that the produce reaches you safe & undamaged during the carriage process.

All In One

We are exporters of organic & inorganic seasonal fruits & vegetables as well as of the famous Indian spices that enrich the taste of food.